Our mission is to revolutionize mental health care by leveraging cutting-edge virtual reality technology, making high-quality therapy accessible and engaging for everyone.

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Our vision is to lead the way in digital mental health care,

where every individual—regardless of location or background—has access to the support and tools they need to achieve mental wellness. We envision a world where therapy is not just a service but an empowering experience that people look forward to—a world where mental health care is seamlessly integrated into daily life, supported by the latest in VR technology.

Meet our team

Our team is a dynamic blend of mental health professionals, VR technologists, and passionate advocates for mental wellness. Each member brings a wealth of expertise and a shared commitment to redefining mental health care.

Tao Ghazarian

Founder, CEO, and Chairman

Tao Ghazarian, CEO of PhrenTech, brings a unique blend of expertise to the mental health tech industry, merging a deep understanding of behavioral science with a strong background in technology and go-to-market strategies. Her research-centric approach and software sales experience fuel the company’s growth and innovation, positioning PhrenTech at the forefront of developing impactful solutions. As a published sci-fi author and creator of “The Human Hand,” an AI guide, Tao’s multifaceted skill set and creative vision shape PhrenTech’s trajectory. Her passion for behavioral science and technology drives the company’s mission to revolutionize mental health solutions, while her business acumen ensures the successful execution of innovative strategies.

Alec Ghazarian

Co-Founder, President, and CTO

Alec Ghazarian is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of PhrenTech, an innovative firm specializing in VR-based mental health therapies. With over a decade of experience across multiple tech domains including DevOps, VR/AR, AI, and executive leadership, Alec has significantly contributed to the tech industry’s evolution. His leadership not only drives technological innovation but also embodies PhrenTech’s mission to enhance mental health therapy.

Advisor Spotlight

Dr. Angelica Terepka, PsyD

Dr. Angelica Terepka (she/they) is an accomplished clinical psychologist with extensive experience serving diverse patient populations. As a lesbian, Catholic, first-generation Polish immigrant, and tri-lingual cisgender female from a middle-class background, Dr. Terepka brings a unique perspective to her work. She currently holds the position of Director of Psychology at a prominent urban teaching hospital in New York City, known for its exceptional care of one of the most culturally diverse patient populations in the United States. Additionally, Dr. Terepka maintains a thriving private practice in New York.

Drawing from her personal journey of navigating her identity, faith, and cultural heritage, Dr. Terepka specializes in helping patients from various backgrounds integrate their identities. Her approach aims to celebrate the richness of their lived experiences, strengthen relational connections, and foster a sense of community. As an expert in suicide prevention and a certified practitioner of Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dr. Terepka incorporates these evidence-based practices into her psychotherapy sessions.

Dr. Terepka has made significant contributions to the field through her published works, which focus on equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to decolonize psychology, empower diverse identities, and improve healthcare access for underserved populations. Her chapters serve as valuable resources for enhancing the quality of clinical care provided to diverse communities.

In addition to her clinical work and publications, Dr. Terepka is dedicated to shaping the future of the field as an adjunct professor at several universities. She educates and mentors diverse graduate students pursuing degrees in counseling and clinical psychology, ensuring that the next generation of mental health professionals is well-prepared to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse society.

Join Us on Our Journey

We invite you to explore the transformative potential of VR in mental health with PhrenTech. Whether you’re seeking therapy, interested in partnership opportunities, or simply curious about the future of mental health care, we welcome you to reach out and learn more about how we’re making a difference.

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